Escape Room Project Management

Escape Room Project Launch -  We launch each project with a proven 10 step Project Management process that includes onsite and remote project meetings, sharing schedules, work milestones, and daily status. Key project milestones include:  kickoff, core team roles, communication plan, site review, build, and others. Project Management guarantees consistent business results at each location.   

Scheduled Step-by-Step Process

Escape project schedules include repeatable steps and timelines from planning stages to launch success.   Each Escape Room launch includes a detailed schedule with roles, responsibilities, a fail proof process to ensure success.

Escape Review (Current State)

Measuring and creating the process starts with capturing how the experience is currently delivered, from customer acquisition to post game experience feedback.

A checklist walks project stakeholders through each step, along with an in-depth analysis of each current business critical processes:

  • All Games Review
  • Control Room Review
  • Front Desk Review
  • Facility Review
  • Surrounding Area Review

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Operating Metrics

Set clear expectations and eliminate guesswork critical to the process. Project delivery includes identifying key metrics to set standards and benchmarks across the business.

  • Site Visibility
  • Calls
  • Sales
  • Regular Customer Count
  • Corporate Sales Count
  • Overall Sales
  • Room Revenue Analysis
  • Win/Loss by Room
  • Customer Experience Rating
  • Customer Response Time

Finance Review

Compare operating finance ratios against leading industry standards to provide clear targets for Revenue to Net, Labor to Revenue, Revenue per FTE, Rent to Revenue and other key leader ratios to maximize profits and reduce expenses.

  • Labor
  • Rent
  • Contractors
  • Utilities
  • And others

Marketing Plan Review

Driving Escape Room traffic while keeping expenses in check is a common quick hit with fast results. The Escape Launch™ program delivers an ongoing marketing schedule with itemized daily/weekly to do's to simplify the marketing process while reducing expenses and increasing market share.

  • Current Advertising Sources
  • Marketing Plan (current)
  • Current Spend
  • Tracking Tools
  • Current Marketing R.O.I
  • Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Customer
  • What is working? What is not?
  • Who is the local competition? What are they doing?

Operations Process Review

The operating process is the core of the Escape Room success. During this stage each area is reviewed along with a checklist to stay on track to optimize revenue, staff performance and customer experience:

  • Employee Documents
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Weekly Labor Reports
  • Employee Handbook
  • Training of Staff
  • Personnel - Hiring Managers, Assistant Managers, Clue Masters
  • Game Operations
  • Core Metric Management
  • Customer Communications
  • Customer Experience
  • Facility and IT

Go Forward Roadmap (Future State)

Upon completion of the review steps the operating blueprint is created. The Escape blueprint plan sets the stage for repeatable success across the operation.

The go forward blueprint includes: A list of templates for daily operations, gap analysis reports, and gold standard reporting metrics for each area to maximize revenue.

Escape Plan Delivery

After the plan is reviewed and approved with your team; all recommendations, builds, and updated/new processes are rolled out with your team.

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Ongoing Support

It’s one thing to have a great process, it’s another to execute. We understand that and are committed to the support of your Escape Rooms.   We have created an ongoing Escape Room support structure unlike anything in the entertainment market including:

  • Onsite, Phone and Email Support
  • Monthly “How to” Webinars
  • Ongoing Training
  • Marketing Support (including web presence reporting…BoydEscapes utilizes modern web analysis tools to determine current local presence and identify opportunities to maintain the leading position within markets)

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ROI Results

We are so committed to results, we built our compensation into the ongoing solution.  We treat every Escape as if it was our own. Creating the best customer experience is coupled with top market leadership and highest revenue opportunity.

60 Days to Double Revenue

Our target is to quickly multiply revenues, doubling sales in just 60 days from implementation start. Our track record has taken new Escape Rooms to over a million in revenue in a year.

Escape Room 60 Day Plan

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