Escape Room Startup Costs

A lot of questions weekly on startup costs for Escape Rooms. Here is a breakdown at a high level to consider and help get the wheels moving when putting together initial budgets for Escape Room Business planning:

1) Game Design and Build – Top customer experience games: Range $35k to $85k. Build time 30 to 60 days.

2) Site Assembly Time – 2-4 Days

3) Game Masters / Supervisors – $35k a year supervisors, also managing a room. $10-$12 an hour for each room clue master. 4 rooms for masters, minus the supervisor. (he/she is managing a room)

4) Franchise Costs – $25k-$50k, 10%-20% residuals, depending on programs. Getting assistance gets greater sales results in less time with less overall costs.

5) Time to Revenue from Build – 30-45 Days with marketing and operations plan in place.

6) ROI to Profit/Recap Capital Expenses – 60-70 days from plan start.

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