Our Approach

Our Approach

We make it simple for Escape Rooms to grow with a proven system that treats every Escape Room.   This  proven model empowers new and existing Escape Rooms with a recipe to grow quickly and consistently, and guarantees results.

Our Story

Our Story

BoydEscapes has delivered world-class entertainment solutions for over 20 years.  A track record of Escape Rooms growing from zero to $16 million in less than a year.  Thousands of satisfied customers coast-to-coast including corporate and general public clients.

Meet the Team

We work with major theme park engineers, set builders, operators, and designers. The most experienced and name recognized set of talent in the industry. We deliver world class theme park Escape Rooms by making sure your team has the most experienced, professional talent in the market.


Paul Boyd

Founder & CEO
20+ Year Entertainment Event Expertise
Escape Rooms, Haunted Attractions, Live Event Management
Direct Escape Room Operations since 2014

Next Steps...

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