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Since 1993

BoydEscapes delivers end-to-end Escape Room solutions  for new and existing Escape Rooms.    Gain and maintain the number one spot in any local market  with a proven process that has earned millions in months.    Escape Launch is the  only end-to-end Escape Room solution built to lead any local market.

Contact us today  to learn how to get a new Escape Room launched or move your existing room to the top spot in any local market.   623-341-0353

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Escape Room Solution Planning, Schedules, and Blueprint

The million dollar question is, “How can you create an ongoing repeatable process to multiply revenue and be the industry leader?” Answer:  A solid roadmap and blueprint defining each area to drive Escape Room success. The process is captured in the project milestones, project schedule, and core team support for rapid success.



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ROI Every Time

We are so committed to results, we built our compensation into the ongoing solution.

Our target is to quickly multiply revenues.  We target doubling sales in just 60 days from implementation.

Our track record has taken new Escape Rooms to over a million in revenue in a year.  Create the best customer experience with repeatable operational execution.

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A Single Platform to Deliver Consistent Escape Room Success

Beyond games, the Escape Launch Program includes a repeatable process that includes everything needed to be the leading Escape Room in any market by delivering a full turnkey blueprint.

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Get the 411 on how leading Escape Rooms are crushing competition

Here are just some of the exciting Escape Rooms that we offer with our Premier build team. We specialize in custom themed rooms as well, giving you something unique that nobody else has to offer. We work with major theme park engineers, set builders, operators, and designers. The most experienced and name recognized set of talent in the industry. Call us today to begin your Escape Masterpiece!


The Laboratory in 4D


The Outbreak


The Great Museum Heist


The Cell Block Escape


Castle Dragonstone


Lost Star - Alien Escape


Mission: Star Quest Escape


Mayan Curse Escape


Cave-In Escape


The Firm: Secret Agent Escape


VooDoo Escape


Professor Manifestus' Meltdown


The Speciment Escape


The Antidote


Agent Q MIB - Escape

Since 1993

Best practice checklists, templates, training, construction, game selection, operations, ongoing support, risk avoidance and other areas for a comprehensive Escape Room solution.

We work side-by-side with your team to deliver the industries only Escape Room accelerator plan that focuses on increasing your Escape Room profits.


Escape Room Success -  Core Values and Outcomes:

We understand your success is tied to our success in ensuring your Escape business grows.  The end game is to increase revenue exponentially while streamlining the Escape operation.
Outcomes from the process:

1. Create Consistency 

2. Establish Brand Presence 

3. Build an Immersive Experience

4. Perfect the Art of the Cross-Sell

5.  Help Spot and Grow Talent

6.  Become the Market Leader 

7.  Increase Revenue


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It's easy to get started.  We offer a free evaluation.  Find out how we can start increasing your Escape Room revenue stream today.